Sustainability Department was created in 2018 to fuel up the implementation within the company and beyond. We are implementing sustainable best practices in NDPE policies, Human Right protections, traceable supply chain and up to grievance management.

Sustainability Actions

We believe that sustainaility is an important pillar of our business. Engagement to stakeholders were started with internal socialization of Ecogreen Sustainability commitment. The reach will be extended towards our external supply chain by December 2020.  

Sustainability Actions

Partnership and Collaboration

Follow up from previous collaboration, Ecogreen Oleochemicals believes the implementation of successful collaboration programs is a result of manifestation from strong partnership with related stakeholders.

RSPO Independent Smallholder Standard Indonesia National Interpretation 2022

Since 2020, Ecogreen Sustainability Department has participated as a member of Indonesia National Interpretation Task Force for RSPO (Independent Smallholder) Standard Indonesia NI 2022. We represent as the stakeholder of supply chain actors. The Standard has been endorsed by Board of Governors (BoG) on 14 February 2022 and will be used for the certification of Independent Smallholders in Indonesia.

Partnership and Collaboration

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ecogreen Oleochemicals corporate social responsibility is to ensure our responsibilities to the society and natural environment through the ways we run our businesses. Our technological expertise in making use of natural resources in our production lines is to fulfill our obligations in meeting the requirement for sustainable impact to our environment and livelihood.

It is very important for us to bring positive values to local community surrounding our plants. Our corporate social responsibility is in line with several goals in Sustainable Development Goals in order to achieve a better and sustainable future for all. We are in our realistic yet ambitious journey to address economic growth, gender inequality, climate change challenges, and eco-friendly operation through our CSR program. To achieve each goal will be very challenging unless we collaborate with relevant stakeholders who share the same values with us. We collaborated and built partnership for years with several civil society organizations called Yayasan Buddha Tzu Chi, Aliansi Rehab Bumi, Kampung Wisata Kelembak, as well as with local government and several universities.

Ecogreen Oleochemicals' Corporate Social Responsibility focuses on sustainable impacts on the following area : Community Empowerment, Eco-Friendly Operation, and Quality Education.

Community Empowerment
Eco-Friendly Operation
Quality Education


The implementation of sustainable best practices from NDPE policy, Human Rights protection, traceable supply chain, up to grievance management in Ecogreen Oleochemicals.