Ecogreen Oleochemicals has achieved RSPO certification of supply chain since 2013. As part of our commitment towards transparency, we are currently developing our own traceability system to improve our traceability within our supply chain to the mill level. With the support of our responsible suppliers we aim to achieve CPKO traceability to mill by 31 December 2020.

Parameters such as parent company/group name, mill name, address, and verified coordinate location (latitude and longitude) are essential for a palm oil mill to be fully traceable. Calculation of traceability percentage is based on numerical calculation method.

Traceability Overview

Ecogreen Oleochemicals has achieved significant progress in transparency and traceability of supply chain since first semester of 2019. Detail information on Ecogreen Tracebility perfromance is summarized in the report. Ecogreen supplier list might be accessed through Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA).